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Best Price Guarantee Details

Simply call us at 1-800-479-5993 or contact us online with proof of the competitor's lower price. If you phone in, please be prepared to direct our Customer Service Representative to the competitor's website and same product for verification. If emailing, please include all the details of the product you wish to purchase, including Family Medical Supply's part number, size, color, quantity, including shipping cost and taxes if applicable.


1. Price guarantee applies to new items for sale through U.S. websites by authorized U.S. dealers. Family Medical Supply will not price match against used or factory refurbished products or products sold via classified advertisement or through auction.

2. The lower price must include shipping costs and sales tax and the product must be in stock and available for immediate shipment.

3. Price guarantee does not apply to discontinued items or open box specials.

4. Price matching applies to current prices on competitor websites, not previous prices.

5. Family Medical Supply will not match rewards, points, cash back, affiliate commissions or other loyalty programs.

6. Price matching does not apply to membership or subscription programs (i.e. Costco, Sam's Club or other subscribe and save programs).

7. Proof of lower price on the exact item including options is required prior to price matching.

8. Price matching must be done prior to item being purchased from Family Medical Supply.

9. We do not price match against mail-in-rebates, free promotional products, deferred savings programs, gift cards, or gift checks.

10. Some manufacturer brands may be excluded, as required by the manufacturer.

11. Price matching is limited to one price guarantee per item per person. Guarantee only applies to products purchased for direct use, not resale or commercial purposes.

12. Family Medical Supply reserves the right to change or cancel the Best Price Guarantee program at any time.

13. Pride Mobility policies will not allow further advertised discounts.